Friday, March 18, 2011


mansfield park n mmmies i only read tyhe beginning of this i like mansfield park alot jane austebn in the best writer ever but this b0ok my boyfriend got me and the other author ruined it. theres lots of stupid footnotes about mummies and sex anf fanny is just not tyhe character i want her tyo be. fanny was ALwsyd mt favorite becauder she is like a r4eal person she's so nice and wouldnt think to get in thw wayt of edmunds love for imm whats her na,me

thatt girl
 miss somthing brbr google

miss crawford thats it yeah edmuns rly loves miss crawford but fany like is super in love with edmund but she wont get in the way thats how a real girl is thats why i lkiek fanny so much. but yeah taht book sucksed i quit reading it and started eading a game of thrones thast an awesome book so far its like lord of rings and kings and shit i love it

i playted a bunch of league of legends with moobeats which is my babycakes boyufriend i think i needa thing f french friens or oh god fench toast om noim nom noim i'm hungry ok brthdy is over time for sleep see yall tomorrow........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................

omg mooobearts friend just yelled why is he so pissed wtf


  1. Yep, you are drunk....on scotch I hope!

  2. YAY, Booze! I can't understand anything.

  3. Now is blessed rest remembered :)

  4. if you did that on purpose it's quite funny! if not then....

  5. LOL, I love these reviews!!!

  6. It's always fun to have a little break now and then. Been drunk a few times myself. =)

  7. Good one!
    Got yourself a new follower! :)